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Mike Rosen, MBA Biography

Former Corporate Finance Executive at Samsonite and Beatrice Foods
Con to the question "Should All Americans Have the Right (Be Entitled) to Health Care?"

“Health care is not a fundamental ‘right’ in our society. The unalienable rights cited in the Declaration of Independence are life, liberty and the ‘pursuit’ (not the delivery) of happiness. The Preamble to the Constitution speaks of ‘promoting’ the general welfare, not providing it. The Bill of Rights delineates a series of fundamental rights that individuals possess, by nature, and that government shall not infringe. Free health care is not one of them. If it were, it could only be delivered to one person by forcing another to provide it. And that would be a violation of the provider’s individual rights…

If someone is indigent, we don’t let him die on the sidewalk outside a hospital. We treat that person, as we should. We’ll even send an ambulance to get him. But whether the money to pay for this comes from taxpayers, private benefactors or by shifting the cost to other patients, it’s still charity. Health care isn’t a right. Neither are food stamps, housing subsidies or welfare. They’re all charity.

Distributing homes, cars, lawyers or health care via a random lottery isn’t practical; it’s socialism. And socialism is doomed to failure because it lacks incentives and rewards for individual productivity and excellence. In the absence of that, it ultimately collapses when it runs out of the means to spend other people’s money.”

“Rosen: No ‘Right’ to Health Care,” Denver Post, Aug. 13, 2009

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