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Matt Canovi Biography

President of the American Defense Academy
Con to the question "Should All Americans Have the Right (Be Entitled) to Health Care?"

“Healthcare in a free society is not a function of Government. The Government needs to get out of the healthcare business and allow the free market to flourish. Healthcare is not a right. Rights are inherently intangible, healthcare is a commodity. When the government starts declaring commodities to be a ‘human right’ they assume redistribution powers that are not afforded to them by constitution.”

“The Issues: Healthcare,”, 2016

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • President, American Defense Academy, Sep. 2013-present
  • Republican Candidate, United States House of Representatives, 7th Congressional District of Missouri, 2016
  • Subject Matter Expert, ACADEMI, June 2014-present
  • Radio Show Host, The Gun Show with Matt Canovi, 1041 KSGF Springfield, Jan. 2009-present
  • Founder and President, Canovi and Associates, LLC, 2003-present
  • Criminal Intelligence Analyst, Mid States Organized Crime Information Center, Mar. 2005-Aug. 2010
  • International Police Task Force, Dyncorp International, Mar. 2001-Dec. 2002
  • Police Detective, Ellisville Police Department (Ellisville, MO), Nov 1989-Mar. 2001
  • Police Office, Maplewood Police Department (Maplewood MO), Apr. 1985-Nov. 1989
  • Marine, United States Marine Corps, 1977-1979
  • BS, Criminal Justice, Tarkio University
  • Attended University of Missouri at Saint Louis
  • Twitter handle: @MattCanovi
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